555 Questions in Veterinary and Tropical Parasitology

Parasites area unit a serious issue touching the animal and human health, welfare, and economic productivity.

555 Questions in Veterinary and Tropical Parasitology

This book provides 555 inquiries to check your information of animal and tropical parasitology, to assist you to study anyplace, with any quantity of your time.

Key features: Covers the foremost vital and also the most neglected parasites in a very terse manner. queries address parasite biology, medicine, nosology, and management, bushed respect to animal health. Includes key animal disease parasites and their impact on human health. Uses multiple selection queries, true or false statements, fill-in-the-blanks, and more, to modify freelance learning and self-testing.

Provides instructive answers to assist additional revision and study. A self-test resource for veterinary and animal science students that’s additionally of interest to medical students curious about parasitology or zoonoses, this book provides a convenient, useful, and current supply of knowledge to anyone curious about learning, redaction, and assessing their information in parasitology.

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