Goat Farming Guide Book in Urdu PDF Free Download

I am sharing with you Goat farming guide book in Urdu language. It consists of 5 pages. If you wanna start goat farming so this book is very useful for you.

Goat farming in Pakistan is extremely normal and well known. Numerous individuals of Pakistan lean toward the goat farming business. Goats are known as ‘poor mans cow’ due to their little size and having great limit of delivering milk and meat exceptionally. There are sure breeds, which are effectively kept up and can deliver meat or milk exceptionally. Along these lines, there is an extraordinary chances of gaining some additional pay for the peripheral and landless rancher by raising goats.

Bakrion Ki Farming Guide Book in Urdu PDF Free Download

Goat Farming Guide Book in Urdu Free Download

In this book you can read following topics,

  • Location
  • Land Requirement
  • Type of Goat breeds
  • Food, Health and Medicines
  • Housing
  • Important points of successful goat farming

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