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A Field Manual of Camel Diseases PDF Free Download

This is the principal pragmatic field manual about camel illnesses for veterinarians and animal specialists. This manual was assembled through a workshop including 20 of the world’s driving camel pros, and subtleties somewhere in the range of 90 significant camel diseases, extending from premature births to wry-neck disorder. For every issue, it gives the manifestations of the ailment, the causes, and straightforward avoidance and treatment strategies.

A Field Manual of Camel Diseases PDF Free Download

It incorporates the two medicines dependent on Western veterinary science, just as those attempted and tried by neighborhood healers and herders. The maladies are sorted out as per the piece of the body influenced and the side effects. A segment on strategies discloses how to inspect a camel, take tests for research facility examination, and apply different kinds of prescriptions.

Written in clear, basic language and lavishly delineated with line drawings by African and Indian specialists, this sourcebook is a significant guide to camel care.

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