Controlled Reproduction in Sheep and Goats

This book is that the second in an exceedingly set of 4 providing a series on the controlled replica in cattle.

Controlled Reproduction in Sheep and Goats

The aim of the series is to supply a general review of the literature addressing the various ways in which within which replica within the major farm mammals will be controlled and manipulated.

The four volumes square measure effectively AN distended and restructure of a previous work, Controlled Breeding in cattle (Pergamon Press, 1983). However, the literature on this subject has distended thus chop-chop since the time of the sooner volume, that it’s currently thought applicable to publish it in four separate volumes. Buffaloes, goats, deer, and camelids are further to the species coated by the series compared to the previous book.

All volumes give comprehensive reference lists and square measure totally up-to-date. This second volume focuses on sheep and goats. it’ll attractive to generative physiologists and staff in animal production, animal breeding, and medicine.

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