Goat Medicine and Surgery

Goats area unit one in all the foremost wide unbroken livestock globally, primarily as a result of the relative ease with that they will be unbroken and also the obvious edges provided to people who keep them.

Goat Medicine and Surgery

Goat drugs and Surgery describe the key diseases which will have a control on goat health and welfare worldwide, providing info on diagnosing, treatment, prognosis, management, and management.

fashionable goat keeping offers the US a full spectrum of activity from peregrine tribes moving with their animals, to the range-keeping in Australia, to units finished goat youngsters for meat and to intensive goat dairy farm production systems. aboard these production systems area unit those during which goats area unit unbroken in little numbers as a hobby, as pets, and at public attractions.

This book deals with the diseases and challenges impacting all types of goats and their house owners. it’ll be priceless to veterinarians in follow and coaching animal scientists, and agricultural advisors, yet as scientists curious about animal welfare.

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