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Handbook of Veterinary Obstetrics 2nd Edition

Comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-read, this distinctive reference provides a transparent guide to veterinary midwifery in giant and little livestock. an in-depth description of traditional birth helps readers like a shot acknowledge abnormalities and provides a baseline against that dystocia and its treatment will be measured.

Handbook of Veterinary Obstetrics 2nd Edition

The causes of dystocia encountered in each of the domestic species are represented, with notes on some exotic species. Coverage conjointly discusses the immediate care of the mother and offspring following delivery, still as issues that occur post-parturition. sensible steerage is provided for managing medical specialty cases. very good illustrations facilitate readers perceive issues and interventions. the recommendation is provided on prenatal care and therefore the bar of dystocia. Common causes of dystocia are explained, species by species.

Content has been completely revised and updated – as well as new diagnostic techniques – to mirror the newest developments in veterinary midwifery. Thorough data is provided on the medication employed in veterinary midwifery. bigger detail has been extra to the knowledge on dystocia within the ewe – as well as specific issues like ring uterus. a further discussion has been extra to dystocia within the dog and cat on the treatment of prolonged gestation and therefore the management of the freshly recognized condition of partial or spontaneous abortion.

Material has been extra on the rabbit and therefore the alternative less common species. data on post parturient issues in giant tiny|and little|and tiny} animals currently includes content on the treatment of conditions like fluid medical care in small ruminants and toxaemia within the bitch.

Discussions on the bar of dystocia currently address craniate observance and drug medical care for the induction of birth. variety of latest illustrations provide bigger clarity to the text and stress species just like the sheep.

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