Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy 4th Edition

In the fifteen years since the primary edition of the vademecum on Animal-Assisted medical care printed, the sphere has modified significantly. The fourth edition of the vade mecum highlights advances within the field, with eleven new chapters and over the four-hundredth new material.

Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy 4th Edition

In reading this book, therapists can discover the advantages of incorporating animal-assisted medical care (AAT) into their practices, best practices in animal-assisted intervention, the way to style and implement animal-assisted interventions, and also the effectiveness of AAT with completely different disorders and patient populations.

Coverage includes the utilization of AAT with kids, the senior, those receiving palliative care, further as folks with chronic disorders, AIDS, trauma, and unfit spectrum disorders. extra chapters cowl techniques for operating with families, in juvenile and criminal justice systems, and in schools and universities.

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