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Selenium in Poultry Nutrition and Health

Selenium (Se) is a vital dietary element collaborating within the regulation of assorted physiological functions in humans, cattle, and poultry through its incorporation into a variety of selenoproteins.

Selenium in Poultry Nutrition and Health

Low Se content in main feed ingredients may be a common downside worldwide and dietary Se supplementation may be a current follow in poultry and livestock nutrition.

The recent analysis clearly proved that metallic element selenite, used for the last forty years as a feed supplement, isn’t associated with the best style of Se. However, the utilization of organic antioxidants in animal/poultry diets will facilitate meeting Se’s needs and maintain high immunocompetence, productive and fruitful performance.

The goal of this book is to produce up to this point info regarding the roles of Se in poultry nutrition and health. Special stress is given to the role of antioxidants as a vital part of the integrated inhibitor system. Se in feed and organic Se area unit characterized very well with stress on selenomethionine as a storage style of Se within the body.

Also, specific Se-deficiency-related diseases in poultry area unit delineate and therefore the importance of Se in growth, development, immunity, and replica is incontestible. A link between the poultry business and human health via the assembly of Se-eggs and Se-enriched meat is shown.

This book is of sensible importance to poultry producers, nutritionists, and vets additionally as for avian/animal scientists, students of agricultural faculties, and universities. it’ll even be of interest to researchers in areas associated with ecology, environmental sciences, organic process biology, etc.

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