The Dog – Its Behavior Nutrition and Health 2nd Edition

Dogs area unit a locality of nearly forty p.c of u. s. households. With this in mind, author Linda P. Case has written the definitive textbook on dogs and their care. utterly updated and revised, the second edition of The Dog covers four areas of compelling interest: the bond between dogs and humans, canine behavior, canine health and unwellness, and canine nutrition. progressing to enhance the human-dog bond, author Case uses clear, comprehensible writing to elucidate selective breeding, coaching principles, the answer to common behavior issues, diet and nutrition, and preventative health care.

The Dog - Its Behavior Nutrition and Health 2nd Edition

Case munificently uses distinctive figures and tables, current references and instructed readings, and an intensive gloss to assist inability. a lot of in-depth than most dog books, The Dog can convince be an important tool for college boy companion animal courses, veterinary technician courses, and dog care/training courses. additionally, it’ll function as a valuable resource for skilled breeders, trainers, exhibitors, and veterinary clinicians.

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