Veterinary Entomology Livestock and Companion Animals

Veterinary Entomology: farm animals and Companion Animals may be a comprehensive guide to the popularity, biology, importance, and management of insects and connected arthropods which will be encountered in agriculture practices and with companion animals. in contrast to similar books, this single-authored textbook is targeted completely at the veterinary aspects of zoological science.

Veterinary Entomology Livestock and Companion Animals

In fifteen extremely clear chapters, it addresses the small print of livestock/companion animal tormenter management among these trends in tormenter management techniques and accessible technology like tormenter police work and detection.

Richly illustrated with over two hundred figures and a four-page color insert, the book discusses pertinent data on host–pest relationships, tormenter management methodology, identification, and biology of necessary tormenter teams, action those arthropods specifically related to farm animal and poultry production systems, and people moving companion animals.

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