Sugar Cane Planter Machine PDF Free Download

I am sharing with you Sugar Cane Planter Machine guide book in Urdu language. In this book you can read how to use and plant sugarcane in fields with the help of sugar cane planter machine. It is very good guide book for sugar cane farmers.

Sugar Cane Planter Machine PDF Free Download

Sugar Cane Planter Machine in Pakistan

Sugarcane planting is monotonous and tedious. Tractor drawn sugarcane grower performs occupations of Furrow opening, Sett cutting, Seed treatment, Fertilizer Application, Sett Placement and Compaction across the board breathe easy and work cost.

The one line sugarcane grower comprises of shaper Box, Fungicide tank, manure box, wrinkle shutting scoops and compaction roller. The entire seed sticks are stacked on the machine. Blades are fixed on the counter pivoting rollers which are driven by the tractor power take off shaft.

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