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Canine and Feline Endocrinology 4th Edition

The no different title offers such dedication to the depth, experience, and focus of medical specialty as Canine and Feline medical specialty, fourth Edition. Comprehensive coverage includes just about each common and uncommon condition in a medical specialty, and the foremost updated info on nutrition, geriatric care, pathophysiology, testing procedures, and cost-efficient and expedient diagnostic protocols. With its logical, in small stages steering for the higher cognitive process, diagnosis, and prescribing, you may be well-equipped to worry about the wide spectrum of endocrine and metabolic disorders in dogs and cats.

Canine and Feline Endocrinology 4th Edition

Expert authorship, as well as the addition of 3 world-renowned medical specialty consultants – Claudia Reusch, Catharine Scott-Moncrieff, and Ellen Behrend – offers unequaled steering on the newest advances within the field.

Separation of cats and dogs into separate chapters ensures info on every species is roofed to its fullest.

target designation and treatment with less discussion on anatomy and physiology permit the book to target sensible, current info that today’s clinicians most use.

Thorough coverage of indications and interpretation of testing procedures in endocrine diseases allows reliable and correct designation.

careful discussions of diagnostic methods and treatment recommendations give sensible, cost-efficient, and expedient approaches whereas guaranteeing they represent the quality of care backed by analysis and knowledge.

Algorithms on diagnostic and therapeutic approaches give a sensible, logical resource for the busy professional person needing fast access to info.

Logical, in small stages pointers aid in correct decision-making and designation.

Comprehensive tables and boxes summarize and clarify key info for fast reference.

In-depth discussions from consultants within the field embody coverage of treatment, monitoring, and management of complications furthermore as clinical signs, differential diagnoses, and diagnostic approaches
in-depth reference lists give readers with sources for extra info on clinical inquiring studies

Separate chapters dedicated to every key topic give thorough, distinct coverage of all content areas.

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