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Veterinary Herbal Pharmacopoeia

Dogs eat grass, then do cats. each pet owner should have noticed the herbivorous behavior of their pets. Since wild dogs and cats eat grass too, most consultants believe it to be AN example of evolved traits of dogs and cats to alleviate their upset gastro-intestines. supported the observation, consultants prolong to counsel pet homeowners to grow in their gardens medicative herbs, aside from botanicals that might be poisonous to their pets.

Veterinary Herbal Pharmacopoeia

The flavoring recipes, with doses, introduced within the book are meant for the foremost rife health issues of dogs and cats; the herbs that compose the recipes are:

1) on the market, as dietary supplements within the U.S., within the market by cGMP-certified manufacturers; and

2) in an exceeding dose style of granules that’s straightforward for pets to ingest.

The book so not solely meets experts’ recommendations however conjointly fulfills veterinarians’ demand of AN flavoring accumulation for the widest conditions of their patients. not like alternative similar titles, the book is data-driven, quantitative, collective, comprehensive, and practical: though the herbs within the book are employed in ancient Chinese flavoring medication, as a result of the data-driven approach of the book, no previous data of Chinese or western flavoring medicines is needed to understand the book.

The second feature of the book is that each indicated health condition of AN herb comes with a score. the upper the score, the additional oft flavoring clinicians have prescribed the herb (or herb pair) for the diagnosed condition in humans and therefore the additional seemingly that the herb (herb pair) is effective in mitigating the condition.

The book is so quantitative, in distinction to alternative books that are qualitative. The third feature of the book is that the mapping from herbs and herb pairs to health conditions results from the collective experiences and experience of the 5 thousand flavoring clinicians in Taiwan, instead of the expertise or experience of one doctor as in most alternative books. while not the deep learning/artificial intelligence techniques utilized by the author on numerous (human) insurance information, the said options are not possible. the ultimate distinctive feature of the book is that recipes for the ninety-four commonest conditions in dogs and eighty-one commonest conditions in cats are given in later elements of the book, serving as reinforcing examples once probing the primary half.

The book is so comprehensive and sensible for not solely holistic however conjointly standard veterinary professionals.

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